Thursday, 29 March 2012

Delivery from France

Now this will probably be a very boring post for most as it is literally going to be me just showing off. 
The only thing better than Christmas morning for me is the afternoon my parents return from a French mini break. They always leave with a shopping list from me longer than my arm and return bearing gifts which excite me more than you can imagine, especially on a day when I am off sick from work and feeling a tad under the weather. 
Put me in a French supermarket and I am like a panda in a bamboo grove - Gosh I am so easily pleased sometimes. 

I wont blabber on too much but there a couple of items I must mention because they are simply heavenly if you can get your hands on them. 
Both of the below tubs are different types of Rillette. The blue tub is duck (my fave) and the red is pork. Rillette is basically a type of pate however is a lot more gooey and luxurious. It is made by slowly cooking the meat in fat and then shredding it. 
It so so yummy slathered onto fresh baguette, topped off with a cornichon or two. Give it a go - you will never look back............

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  1. this has just made me SO hungry!

    my parents always come back with about 20 jars of maille mustard, and when its done they put the glasses in the dishwasher and use them as drinking glasses! genius!

    lovely blog, following! x