Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bob's ya uncle..

Now this is actually a restaurant I visited back in the Winter which I was taken to as a lovely Birthday surprise but I came across the photos and had to have a belated rave about it because it is well worth a visit.
Bob Bob Ricard is a luxury British and Russian diner in the middle of Soho, famous for its 'Press for Champagne' buttons on every table. The interior is unique yet classic and frankly very beautiful. Everything from the service to the food to the toilets was absolutely perfect. 10/10. Despite a Russian/British style I really felt like I had been transported to a chic backstreet in Paris in the 1950s. 

I will let the photos do the talking but if you are planning on a visit then make sure you try one of the starters (I had the Russian salad topped with truffles) that comes with  -18c ice cold shot of Russian vodka, the perfect way to start a meal! Then finish with the salted caramel ice cream which was to die for. Oh and don't forget to PRESS FOR CHAMPAGNE (or espresso martinis like us! hehe)

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