Sunday, 22 January 2012

My New toy!

Hello and Welcome! I wasn't sure what my first blog should be about really but after playing with my new fave toy last week I realised it was the perfect thing to rave about! I say MY toy but it is actually my Mum's Xmas present this year from me, which I have since taken under my wing. This new toy was a pasta making machine! I did lots of research before finally deciding which brand to get but in the end went with what the majority of reviews had recommended, which was to go for a classic Imperia SP150. It is a traditional chrome plated steel pasta machine which kneads and rolls 150mm strips in 6 different thickness'. The pasta sheets can be used
for lasagne, cannelloni or cutting and shaping into dozens of different shapes, such as farfalle, ravioli etc. 
For my first experiment I decided to go for some ravioli and used a normal cutter like you would use for biscuits (despite going out and buying a proper pasta one) to get the crimped shape. I then made up a delish filling of fresh crab (white and brown meat), fresh dill and chopped fresh chilli. Added a little water to the edges and simply put the top on and firmly squeezed around them... and it really is that easy! 
After cooking in boiling water for 5-7 mins I served my little treats with hot melted butter and potted brown shrimps....Heaven!

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