Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mediterranean Escape

So on Sunday I was tasked with cooking an evening meal for 6 and this week I was determined it would not be a roast. So I hunted through all my new cookbooks (most of which I havent really had a chance to look at this year!) and came across one which my darling BF got me for Xmas - unbelievably the only Rick Stein I didn't already own - Mediterranean Escapes.  

I decided firstly to settle my (selfish) yearning for feta cheese with a starter of 'Grilled prawns with Ouzo, chilli and feta' which I was nervous about as I have never used Ouzo to cook with - usually just consumed in a bar on a little Greek Island whilst scoffing down  grilled Octopus - but actually this turned out to be extremely yummy and the taste of the Ouzo was apparent but not by any means overbearing, and the sauce was truly awesome soaked up with some warm Turkish bread. 

This was followed by a Moroccan main called 'Kefta Mkaouara' which is 'Spicy egg, meatball and tomato tagine' and honestly one of the easiest meals to cook, especially when there are quite a few of you, it was very stress free. The eggs really do make it delicious as long as you make sure the yolks are still really gooey and runny - again as you can imagine the bread for dipping is a must!! This was accompanied by some greek style roasties (really mixing up the meds I know) slathered in oregano (brought back dried from my fave Greek island) and lemon juice.
Then what better to finish this med feast than with some old school baklava (no cooking needed as I picked them up from my local Turkish supermarket). This meal would probably have gone best with an Austrailian Shiraz however I was being naughty and fancied a glass (or 4) of my fave white at the mo Villa Maria Dry Riesling.
 Tempted?? Let me know and I will share the recipes...

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  1. Why have we never enjoyed this Riesling together?!